Ork Fortress WIP

UPDATE:  You can see the completed project here.

Project Proposal:

The basic idea is for a 4-sided Ork fort with one wall being a gatehouse that will allow Battlewagons or Skull Hammers to pass through.  Another wall will feature an infantry sally port.  The 4 corner towers will have removable roofs so that models can fire from the top as well as from inside.  Also, each tower will incorporate a large built-in gun for use as a kind of bastion.  The interior area will see some extra details such as a loading crane, mek shop, and fuel depot.  Finally, the gatehouse, 2 towers, and 3 wall sections will be built separately so the fort can become U-shaped, L-shaped, or even just a long wall on his table.
Here are the initial customer sketches without a lot of detail…

This was not exactly the final design we worked out.  Through a load of emails between here and Afghanistan we hammered out the final details… 3 wall sections. 4 towers, a gatehouse that could accommodate a Skull Hammer, and 3 small buildings that could be placed inside or out of the fortress.


Primary Tower Construction 

 The towers themselves are just 4-sided boxes with a variety of windows, doors, and gunports cut out.  I have made triangular braces to reinforce the interior and support the floor of the upper tower when installed.   These are pics of the basic construction and interior…


Well, the first part of tower assembly is knocked out.  The basic boxes are together although each one has at least part of one facing still not attached.  This is because I will be placing a gun-mount in each one and I need assemble and prime those guns before installing them.  I’ll probably start on those after I get the gatehouse started.



Here are the base pieces for the gatehouse.

Now, I know this ain’t pretty (it IS Orky after all) but I want the substructure to be really sound before I make it look ramshackle.  So far the gatehouse is just the house and its stub walls as well as the first alignment rail for the sliding gate.  Yes, I said sliding gate.  It will recess into the walls instead of swinging open.

Gatehouse with Skullhammer for scale.


Underside showing structural detail.


Tomorrow I will start on the gate itself.  Once I know its final thickness I can place the other alignment rail and then attach the towers as well as start detailing.  I will also continue work on the tower guns after i visit a couple of yard sales for bits.


Main Gate and Tower Guns

I got a new tool for my birthday and have been playing with it a little too much the past few days to do a real update. For now, I have built the gun mounts for the corner towers of the fortress as well as the main construction for the sliding front gate. Still lots of detailing (rivets, cables, damage, etc…) but these should give you some ideas where I’m headed.

There is a lot more detail to be added to these gates.  I just wanted to give a first look at how they were put together.

If the rain stops early enough this evening, I’ll get outside to cut the remaining rails for the gate supports. Either way, I should get the rivets and other detail work started on the gates themselves tonight.


Sections Assembled and Detailing Begun

After a wicked migraine headache last night I decided to stay home this morning and recoup… which apparently involves power tools, hot glue, and Red Bull.

 I cut out and assembled the forms for the other 3 walls of the fortress. Also, after checking the fit, I adjusted some of the window and door openings on the towers. Next I started in on some of the basic detailing… metal plates, wooden supports, battle damage and repairs. No rivets on these yet. I plan on marathoning the rivets one night in front of the TV. Here are some pics.

Here is the test fit of all the fort sections. There is a Deathkopta on the gatehouse as a scale reference.

Fortress gatehouse with some early detail added and the damaged side wall section.


Remaining Wall Sections

Furious activity yesterday. I got assembly on the last 2 walls complete with most of the detailing. The next step for all the walls will be to add a base that extends about an inch to the front and rear for stability as well as room for more detail (trash heaps, wreckage, spikes, barbed wire, etc…).

Second side wall – This one has the postern / infantry gate that Ork raiders can slip through when the gates are locked down.

Fortress rear wall – It’s hard to tell in this pic but the pipe in the face of the wall is leaking slime.

I’ll try to get on the table saw later and make those bases (and the ones for the corner towers) before starting on the roofs, parapets, and detail assembly on the towers. I’d really like to get out of the construction phase in the next 2-3 days. There are still 2 weeks left to complete the project but I do have some other buildings that need to start moving through the pipeline.



Brought the pieces up to the local FLGS to lay them out on a table for scale and fit before starting on detailing.

Next up is final detailing and then primary painting.


Construction Complete and Priming Done

Tons of progress this weekend.  Primary painting is well under way.


Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or questions.

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