Chaos Daemon Army Commission

This is a commission project for Jake S. in Florida.  This is a pretty big army and there will be conversions scattered throughout.  I won’t be putting every little thing up here.  But, I do want to give a taste of some of the things you can do to an army to make it your own.  Feel free to comment.  Enjoy!


Chaos Warhounds (aka Khorne-dogs):

Plasticard and greenstuff to give the Hounds a helmeted look similar to the Juggernaughts.


Three Sick Kings – Greater Daemons of Nurgle:

 The client decided that he wanted three Nurgle Daemon Princes.  Each of the models was built up from an old metal Spawn of Nurgle.  Added to each was a set of Nightmare wings from the Vampire Counts line.  Slots were drilled into the back of each to receive the wing tabs and the pins that I had added to them.  Superglue was followed by greenstuff to fill the gaps and then blend then into the surrounding musculature.  There were plenty of gaps in the original models and even more after I reposed them – more greenstuff.  Once the three pieces were up to his assemly point, it was time to differentiate them.  One had a gas mask / respirator added, another got a visor.  The last one was picked out with headphones.  This gave us the “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” theme.  For daemon weapons, I dipped into the  Ogre Kingdoms bits again.  Plenty of elements to let you tell the models apart while keeping them unified visually.


Simple add-ons for playability

 A lot of the new plastic chaos models are very dynamically posed.  This is a good thing – until their lack of balance starts to mess up your nicely painted models.  Adding steel washers to those tippy figures helps not only keep them upright, it helps then stay put on rough or angled terrain.  All of my Hormagaunts and Genestealers get this treatment.  Just be sure that they fit all the way into the base and that they are not aluminum.  you need weight.

the Steeds of Slaaanesh are multi-wound critters.  Unless you want to keep track of lots of wound markers, you need a way to tell them apart.  I went with painting each one in a different garish pastel suitable to creatures in the service of the Lord of Change.  It keeps with the theme and suits a purpose as well.


Fixing the flyers – assembling Tzeentch Screamers

 The metal Screamers of Tzeentch have always been a pain to work with.  The tails don’t fit well and require a very careful application of greenstuff.  The holes for the flight stands are the wrong size and are not nearly deep enough.  And even when pinned, the models are nerve-wrackingly tippy and fracture-prone.  There isn’t much in the way of actual conversion on these; just some bending, twisting, or re-positioning of the tails.  Each tail had to be trimmed as well as cleaned of mould lines before having pins inserted for added strength.  Greenstuff is the next requirement if you want to cover up the repairing / restructuring.  To get the smooth finish on the putty, you need to wet your finger and then rub softly back and forth until you feel no more texture in the surface.  Repeat as many times as is needed to get a really smooth blend from metal to putty.


Bloodthirster Converstion 01

Both of the Bloodthirster models are made from the basic plastic Greater Daemon kit.  With some minor reposing and the addition of 2 giant Ork power axes, then model screams “Blood For The Blood God!”.  To ensure that it will tie in with it’s supportingunarmored  Khorne Bloodletter and Juggernaut units, this Bloodthirster will sport no armor.


Bloodthirster Conversion 02

 This Bloodthirstermodel is also from the Greater Daemon kit.  However, I took a more drastic track with the pose.  The wings bent and rotated back to open up the piece.  The head was replaced with that of a Balrog and then greenstuff was used to blend it into the neck and add scales.  The weapon comes from an Ogre Kingdoms model and required a repose of the arms and greenstuff to build up the shoulders.  The tail was also reshaped to enhance the standfast pose.  On the finished piece you will find armor plates and shoulder pauldrons added.  this has been done to help tie the model to the armored Bloodletters and armored Juggernauts that it will lead into battle.


Khorne Defiler Conversion 01

 There will be 2 Khorne Defilers in this army.  I seem to have misplaced the WiP pics of the other one so this will be it for now.  Following with the armored / unarmored dichotomy of the force, this is the unarmored of the two Defilers.  No armor plates will be added, not even the normal shin plates.  A headswap piece from the big metal Bloodthirster helps make this model stand out.  Additionally, I used the Daemon Sword arms from both kits on this one piece.  It took a lot of clipping and shaving to get the second right arm into position as a left.  Plenty of greenstuff was applied to fill gaps, rebuild structure, and blend musculature.  More was used to get the Bloodthirster head fitted into an upward tilt so that the roar seems especially ferocious.


Chaos Objective / Wound Markers

These simple markers were made from a few leftover Chaos bits and some standard 25mm bases.  I used one of each of the power icons from the vehicle accessory sprue and then a couple of spare Chaos Marauder icons.  Paint and base as you would any other model in the army and you will have a great set of signature markers.  You can get much more elaborate.  But these do the trick and only took minutes to make.

Chaos Markers 01



UPDATE:  Soon I’ll be adding a gallery page showing off the finished army and all of the units in it.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE 2:  Gallery is up for viewing here.  Enjoy!

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or questions.

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