Even More Vac-form Terrain Magic – For The Frontline Blast Zone Mat

For those of you that enjoyed my review of Frontline’s Blast Zone gaming mat, I am going to go over some of the terrain that I made to match it.  My pal Joe Y. was kind enough to loan me the mat for the initial review and this terrain is for his collection.

Blast Zone FAT Mat 01

The project was to take a set each of Games Workshop’s vac-formed Moonscape Craters and Blastscape planetstrike/apocalypse terrain, mount them, and then match them to the battle mat.  During the project, I remembered a couple of crashed Dark Eldar Raiders that a client had ordered but then abandoned.  After getting with Joe, he decided he wanted them (his DE are old school) and we added them to the pile.  I matched the terrain and left the Raiders for him to paint to match his army.  If you want more detailed info on how I turn  crappy vac-form terrain into something durable, playable, and attractive, just check out my earlier article.  Here are some in-progress pictures:


This is the completed Moonscape Crater set

This is the finished Blastscape Crater set:


And these are the crashed Dark Eldar Raiders ready with bases done and prepped for painting:


Be sure to check out the Dark Eldar section for pictures of DE specific terrain and tutorials on how to design and build your own.


* Read the complete review of the Frontline Gaming F.A.T. Mat can be found here.

** Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build sturdy vac-form style terrain can be found in this tutorial.

*** FYI, the paints used to match the mat were craft store paints instead of GW.  Bigger bottles and required no mixing to get the correct color scheme.


  1. […] Even More Vac-form Terrain Magic – For The Frontline Blast Zone Mat […]

  2. […] Even More Vac-form Terrain Magic – For The Frontline Blast Zone Mat […]

  3. AndSomeDoug says:

    Great work, and very detailed conducive blogging with nice links to relevant articles and all the extra info provided that would normally flood the comments section.

    A few of your articles have enhanced my lazy Sunday in bed. One hand scrolling, one hand scratching ~ plenty to see and think about, thank you.

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