Tyranid Terrain

This set of terrain pieces was made on order for a local FLGS.  There are a total of seven pieces for a table he has been building for over a year.  I consulted with him on techniques and colors, but the construction is his and that of some volunteers.  Now that it’s done, he needs some pieces to keep the board from being a shooting gallery.

The store table is supposed to represent the interior or a Tyranid bio-ship.  Consequently, the pieces he has asked for should represent internal organs or spawning cysts that other “bugs” might hatch from.  In the new 6th edition rules, I can see every piece of this terrain having the potential to be “dangerous.

Enjoy the pics.  If you want to see some of the in-progress shots, check out this link.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


  1. AndSomeDoug says:

    Awesome board and terrain. Reminds me of Tyranid Attack, battling the beasties in their own (stinking, slimey) home!

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