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The Forge World Character Series of models for the Horus Heresy have brought many of the iconic figures of the Warhammer 40,000 universe to life on our tabletops.  No matter what chapter of the Emperor’s finest you favor, you have to admit that this series has raised the expectations of quality and detail in the industry.  And, to show that some real thought went into the creation of these pieces, they made sure that the display bases still allow the model to be fielded on a game appropriate size incorporated into it.

So, my friend J.S. (who I have painted other Black Templar models for) ordered the Sigismund model from Forge World and asked me to paint if for his crusading force.  Every enthusiastic, he plans on doing heresy era Imperial Fists so he’ll be getting another one of these for that army… some day.  As the project was to incorporate the model into his existing force, I did a little conversion work to tie the piece in with the existing ones.  An easy head swap using a Dark Angels veteran hooded helm is the biggest difference.  I also laminated a shaved-down Black Templar icon from the BT accessory sprue onto the left shoulder.  Just a few gaps to fill and file and the model was ready to start.


Black Templars Sigismund small 01


The kit itself comes in a nice presentation style box with a color insert showing the completed figure – no instructions though.  I had no bubbles to fill and the few mold lines I found were very faint.  As is usual with the very thin power swords found on Forge World models, a few minutes soak in hot (not boiling) water softened the piece enough to allow it to be straightened without breaking.  A quick dip into some ice water sets the new shape without you waiting for the piece to cool.  I did go ahead and pin the pieces together even though the model is very light.  It sits high up and could easily be knocked over because it stands above the average marine.  The only real correction necessary was to trim the socket on the display base so that the gaming base would sit flat and steady in it while being easy to lift out.  Without this shaving and trimming you needed to twist the model a couple ways to release it from the display.  Such rough handling could be rough on the finished paint job.

All said, I had a lot of fun with the model.  I’ll put a gallery below and you can check out other Black Templar models at this link.  Enjoy!


So, just finished up another project for my Friend Jake. Here are 10 Sword Brethren for his ever-growing Black Templars crusade. Models include 2 each of squad leader, heavy flamer, combi-meltas, and then 4 armed with grav guns. As a bonus, there is a dual grav-pistol wielding veteran sergeant to put elsewhere in his force.  I feel he put a lot of thought into the posing and decorating of each so they were a lot of fun to paint.  Anyway, below are the squad shots.  You can check out closer shots of each model as well as some of the other Black Templar pieces I have done for him by going here.  As always, feel free to comment, like and or share.

Black Templar's Sword Brethren 01 front

Black Templar's Sword Brethren 01 Rear

Black Templar's Sword Brethren 02 front

More of this Black Templars crusade  here.

Sometimes a project is not about what you can accomplish. Sometimes the project is about what you can save.

I have a friend that I have built many models for before. Some of you have already seen the Black Templar Talon or the custom Black Templar Titan. This time I will be taking a couple of secondhand predators he acquired and attempting to save them from the bits bin.

What we have are 2 Space Marine Predators that have been seriously abused.  Poor assembly with excessive glue has marred the finish.  failing to follow directions has resulted in incorrect and incomplete assembly.  To add insult to the injury, neither model comes to me with all of its parts.  I’ll be diving into the bits box for replacements or stand-ins.

Black Templar Predators 01Black Templar Predators 02


Once you have inventoried the project, it is time to make a plan.  In this case, the first thing to do is catalogue the missing pieces and the parts so damaged that they will need replaced.  You will notice from the pieces above that I have partially disassembled the models so I can better assess what I will need to do.   This will also give me more room to work in.  When the turrets, sponsons, and dozer blades are glued in place, you wont be able to reach areas for repair and later painting.  (Yes, I know the blades are mounted incorrectly but the owner likes the “snugged-in” look)   Also, in looking at magnetizing the weapons I found that I’d need to create a new mount to replace the melted and fused mess that it came to me as.

Black Templar Predators 03Black Templar Predators 04

I spent a couple of evenings using scraping tools and a hobby knife removing old glue and melted plastic.  A Dremel moto tool was used to cut blast holes in the bottom of the chasis.  The client wanted to have the battle damage to show when he turned over a destroyed vehicle on the battlefield.  He wanted the hole large enough for a 40mm base because that is what his smoke markers are based on.

As a side note, I have one real complaint about the Predator models in general – not just  these two.  They have droopy barrels.  Even when the kit is assembled correctly, the main cannon sags and points at the ground.  I hate this.  To fix this, I cut small pieces of sprue and glued them to the turret to provide a stop.  this will be much easier to do if you can add it before you assemble the turret.  I didn’t have that luxury here so extreme care was taken to ensure no glue got into the pin and socket.  I still wanted the barrels to be moveable.

Black Templar Predators 05Black Templar Predators 06


During this cleanup phase I drilled out the holes for the magnets.  The previous owner had installed the weapon hangers backwards AND glopped glue all over when they didn’t mount correctly.  Consequently I had to add a bit of sprue to the underside of the mounts as a standoff.  this leaves enough room to allow the weapons their full range of motion.

Black Templar Predators 07Black Templar Predators 08

Once all the cleanup and repair are complete, getting a good clean primer coat is imperative.  The better the base you put down, the better your final paint job will be.  Because the Black Templar’s paint scheme is rather stark, I spent a lot of time on details.  Getting bright golds with antique shading give your eyes to focus on.  The same idea applies to the lenses on the periscopes and targeters.  Finally, decals give the tanks their individuality.  Despite being members of the same squadron, you will still be able to differentiate them on the battlefield.  Hopefully I will get to do the command tank of the squadron some time in the future.

Black Templar Predators 09Black Templar Predators 10


Black Templar Predators 11Black Templar Predators 12


Black Templar Predators 13Black Templar Predators 14


Black Templar Predators 15Black Templar Predators 16

Well, these are done and delivered.  I never enjoy finding kits that have been so poorly built.  But, the challenge of resurrecting these and returning them to the tabletop as a good-looking addition to an army is quite rewarding.  Don’t give up.  With patience and a plan, it’s (almost) never too late.



So, the next installment has been delivered to the client.  He likes it well enough to have me do a couple of Predator tanks.  Keep an eye out for updates soon.

Meanwhile, there is now a page for Stormtalon 03.  Check the completed piece here or the work-in-progress (WIP) page.  The WIP page has a short tutorial on how I do decals that hold up to gameplay and yet dont look like shiney stickers.

Black Templars Stormtalon 0127

Sorry for the absence of late.  I’ve had some health issues flare up on me – ghosts of my service during the first Gulf War.

Anyway, there has really only been one project on my table for most of the past two months.  Hopefully the client will like the results.  I’ll have a full post up in a day or two, but in the mean time, here is a preview of the Black Templars Stormtalon Gunship.

Warhammer 40k Black Templar Stormtalon - preview

It has been a long road, but the Black Tempar’s Warhound Titan WIP is complete.  The piece has been delivered to its excited owner after a photo session and short video.  We’ll get those pictures up in a gallery shortly.  Meanwhile, check out the 3rd and final installment of the tutorial here.

So, work continues at a furious pace here on the Wild Boar blog.  We’ve gotten so much done that posting hs lagged way behind.  So, in the interest of brevity, I have posted several updates recently and just added them as a separate Part 3 of the Black Templar’s Warhound Titan WIP pages.

There has been no shortage of tips and tricks posted to help you when you decide to field your own massive war machine.  Enjoy and feel free to comment or make suggestions.

The Emperor protects… using REALLY BIG GUNS!