Skaven Giant Abomination

I originally built this model as an entry into the Build Your Own Giant contest at a local FLGS.  As part of the release celebration for the (then) new plastic Warhammer Giant kit we were to take home our new kit and then spend the next two weeks converting it.  At the end of the two weeks, the models would all come in for judging and a special event game – the Giant Olympics.  This was a three-game event where your models competed in pie eating, goblin tossing, and a foot race.  As mercenary giants could go into any army, I knew that my ratmen needed another terror causing brute in their ranks.

Most of the conversion work was ready in time for the Olympics and I was pretty happy with the piece.  I figured that I would just paint it up and get the model onto the tabletop for our regular league night games.  What eventually happened was that I got so caught up in refining and painting the piece that it eventually went to Games Day Baltimore in 2009.  There it won a Bronze in the Warhammer Monster category of the Golden Demon competition.

These days this model substitutes in as an Abomination in my Skaven Army.  It is still one of my favorite pieces in my Skaven collection.  I hope you enjoy it too.


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