Skull Hammer – Baneblade conversion

Sometimes you’ll find great minis in odd places… and for good prices.  This is why I always try to keep an extra $20 in my wallet when I hang out at the local game shop.  You never know who will be selling what.  This is the case with the Skull Hammer for my Bad Moon army.

A player that decided to switch to Death Korps of Krieg was liquidating a half-started Ork army.  Most of the troops were Black Reach standard and almost none of them had paint.  A Trukk and some bits frome a battalion box rounded out most of the rest.  The best find in the lot though was a plastic Baneblade with the beginnings of a Skull Hammer conversion done to it.  I made sure to get all the unused bits and dragged the whole lot home to add to my Ork bin.

With the core work done on the Baneblade, I found it very easy to get into the conversion process.  After torturing and distressing the piece with Dremel and butane lighter, I started on the dressing to make the model fit with my Bad Moons.  A Grot driver was added along with exhausts for the power plant.  Plates to patch holes in the hull, Bad Moon signs and Ork icons help to dress it up.  Lehman Russ sponsons with lascannon were added as toppers for the Baneblade sponsons. Finally, a leftover Stompa Ork face was added to the main body for more Orkification.

Once it came time to paint, I decided to make the model appear to have been rushed from the Mek shed to the battlefield before the final touches could be added.  The base section of the Baneblade was painted in standard Cadian camo.  Then I went after the Orkified sections and proceeded to paint them to match my Bad moons.  the transition from old to new creates a pretty distinctive look.  I have thought about adding a Grot with paint bucket hanging off the side but that will have to wait.  The model is tabletop ready and headed to WAAAAAGH!!!

Bad Moon Ork Skull Hammer 01Bad Moon Ork Skull Hammer 04

Bad Moon Ork Skull Hammer 02Bad Moon Ork Skull Hammer 03

Bad Moon Ork Skull Hammer 05Bad Moon Ork Skull Hammer 06Bad Moon Ork Skull Hammer 07


  1. Joseph Destefano says:

    Awesome work Steve…….as usual…

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