Ork Stompa – Bad Moon Tribe

So this is my first completed Ork Stompa – the Second Hand Moon.  She is called such as I got the 2/3rd assembled piece from a gamer in financial straits.  Some of the modifications – like the barber-wire skirt – were completed by the first owner.  Others are mine.  However, the paint job is all my fault.

Trying to pick out all the detail and add unique bits while keeping the model from becoming inordinately “busy, is a challenge.  This is especially true of larger kits (see the Black Templars Warhound Titan).  To keep the model “quiet, I chose to paint the majority of the hull in the same vibrant yellow that I use throughout my army.  Detail that I want subdued is painted in colors that compliment he yellow base.  Features that I want to emphasise are painted in contrasting colors – e.g. the face.  I hope you like it.

As always, feel free to comment or post questions.  To get a better look at the model, click on the thumbnails to view a larger version.  You can also view shots of more of my Ork horde in this gallery.



  1. Joseph De Stefano says:

    Now if you could incorporate some animatronics it would be a real twist to the gaming scenario….LOL…..just a thought. Once again …kudos to you steve, nice recovery of some elses project……….

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