Ork Fighta Bomma – Forge World Model

Yes, I am addicted to Forge World Models.  This is one of their earlier kits and it is kind of unusual.  The same core parts are used for the Ork Fighta and the Fighta Bomma.  They share the main wings, body, cockpit, pilot, and turret.  The differences come in the wing extensions, bomb load out, and tail sections.  After perusing their website, it seems as if they either stopped offering the Fighta or they now include parts for both in the kits.  You may want to enquire before ordering one for your own Waaagh!

As far as the build goes, this is a very straightforward kit.  The very minimal instructions that Forge World is famous for are actually sufficient in this case.  The pieces all fit together nicely with no greenstuffing required (NOTE: I do use gap-filling CA glue).  The only difficulty came up when I went to install the horizontal tail-piece.  It had warped in shipping so I had to soak the piece in hot water (not boiling) for about 20 minutes.  This allows the whole piece to become pliable – inside and out.  I gently but firmly bent the piece into the correct alignment and then held it in an ice water bath for 3 or 4 minutes.  This allows the resin to quickly reharden and retain the desired shape.

Very little customization work went into this model.  I did cut individual window panes to install as cockpit glass.  this was installed after painting and done with white glue (Elmer’s).  You will also want to actually install the cockpit canopy with white glue.  If ANY CA / superglue is near this plastic, the “glass” will frost as the oils from manufacturing and your skin react with the glue vapors.  You often see this near the top of the stem on flying bases that have been attached with CA glue.  This reaction can happen days later – you have been warned.

The last little touches I put on the Fighta-Bomma were magnets.  I left the gunners turret where it could rotate.  It is held into the socket by one magnet in the base.  Also, each bomb is individually magnetized so that the model will be WYSIWYG as play proceeds.  you should try to make sure that all of your magnets face the same direction.  Otherwise you will have to try and remember what bomb goes on what side and in what space.

Oh, and being paranoid (what good Warhammer general isn’t), I drilled and pinned all of the sections of the model for added durability.  Also, as the kit pre-dates the introduction of flying bases, I had to improvise.  I used my Dremel moto-tool to carve out a slot for the stem of the flying base to socket into.  If you are going to use this method, please wear a mask and please do the work BEFORE you paint the model.  I’m just sayin’…


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