Dark Angels Deathwing


Here are a few Deathwing models I did up from the Black Reach boxed set.

These were painted using a “dipping” method.  First the models were primed in Bleached Bone.  Then they were edge highlighted with Skull White.  Detail paint was kept to simple primary colors that would work well with the brownish “dip” I planned to use.  Each Terminator squad leader was slightly converded and each squad has unique markings.  Decals would be added after the “dip” so they would retain the bright white color.

Dipping is nothing more than an all over wash applied to the model.  Some people actually do dip the model into the solution and then shake off the excess.  I find that this method creates a huge mess does a haphazard job of ensuring good coverage.  Instead, I use a large brush and apply the dip directly to the model.  This gives me the opportunity wo brush or wipe away any excess and eliminate pudding.

The dip I used for these is an oil-based polyurethane and stain all-in-one.  the brand is Minwax Pollyshades and it can be found at many DIY or home improvement centers.  Because the dried finish is so shiny, I use a flat spray clearcoat to seal the model, knock down the gloss, and fix the decals in place.  Models painted in this way are very durable and can take the kind of punishment that a store demo army takes.



  1. cool blog guys, just found it through dakkadakk, nice paint jobs on the deathwing arm 🙂

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