Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship

Stormraven takes flight!  My first Stormraven painted and ready for battle.

A short review and then pictures…

The good – Well, putting together a Stormraven for the first time was a surprisingly easy  piece of work.  For a kit with well over 100 parts (almost all of which get used), it went together rather rapidly.  Just over an hour and a half in this case.  Whether by forethought or happenstance the mould lines were located in places easily cleaned or able to be ignored.  As is true for most vehicle kits, if you are going to paint the interior, you really have to do it before assembly.  Crew figures are well posed and detailed though have little to no easy options for customizing.  The positionable doors and engines are a nice – though I glued them in place on mine to prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear on the paint.  Detail throughout the kit was crisp and well-considered.  There were no gaps that needed greenstuffing and assembly didn’t really require taping or rubber banding.  Lastly, I CAN confirm that the kit comes with a full set of Grey Knight emblems on the sprues (wink wink).

The bad – Number one would be the tail assembly.  Unless you are paying attention it is a 50% chance that you put the tail fins on backwards. It fits equally well both ways and actually seems more logical backwards if you go just by shape.  Next, the frame pieces for the canopies are quite a loose fit and if you clip them from the frame too closely you will need to greenstuff them.  The standard rants about their instruction books apply to the Stormraven as well – proofread and/or try building one from the sheet before putting it in the box.  Another disappointment was the lack of a new decal sheet.  This would have been a great opportunity to introduce some aircraft specific imagery.  Finally, there are VERY few leftover bits – one set of nose guns, 2 sets of turret guns, either the door set or the hurricane bolter assembly, and one set of chapter logos.
Overall, despite some of my qualms over the look of the ship itself, the kit is a solid A minus.  If you have been considering one for your army, don’t let concerns about model quality keep you away from getting one.  I really like the kit.  Now here are some pics.



UPDATE:  If you would like to see another of my attempts at paintig a Stornraven, please check out the one in Grey Knight colors at this link.

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