Sigismund for Black Templars

So, my friend J.S. (who I have painted other Black Templar models for) ordered the Sigismund model from Forge World and asked me to paint if for his crusading force.  Every enthusiastic, he plans on doing heresy era Imperial Fists so he’ll be getting another one of these for that army… some day.  As the project was to incorporate the model into his existing force, I did a little conversion work to tie the piece in with the existing ones.  An easy head swap using a Dark Angels veteran hooded helm is the biggest difference.  I also laminated a shaved-down Black Templar icon from the BT accessory sprue onto the left shoulder.  Just a few gaps to fill and file and the model was ready to start.

Black Templars Sigismund small 01

Sigismund as he comes from the box

complete display base for Sigismund

complete display base for Sigismund

gaming base for Sigismund

Sigismund on gaming base ready to play

Sigismund on gaming base with display

Sigismund for Black Templars front

Sigismund for Black Templars right

Sigismund for Black Templars back


Sigismund for Black Templars left

Sigismund for Black Templars top

nd versus Bad Moon Ork Warboss

Sigismund versus Bad Moon Ork Warboss