Tyranid Army – Hive Fleet Kraken

This was the first Tyranid army I decided to paint – other than the original blue and purple genestealers from the original Space Hulk game that is.  Back in tha good / bad old days, your little bug broods could have a lot more customizability.  Hive nodes, extra attacks, fleet of foot, improved initiative – basically it was build-a-bug.  By the time third edition was over, the min / max crowd had come up with the ONE almighty bug list that everyone had to play.  Needless to say, this is not that army.

Now, there used to be quite a bit more in this army, however those metal models have all been returned to the digestion pools for integration into my new hive fleet.  After stripping and rinsing, they are being reborn to serve the new codex – errr… hive mind.  If you want a preview of what their color scheme will be, check out my Battlefleet Gothic Hive Fleet.


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