Tau Fire Cast Army (Sold)

Hanging out in hobby and game shops with a few extra bucks in your pocket can be worthwhile.  Even if there is nothing that you need for your army right now, you never know when someone will walk in looking to sell or trade away an army.  This is what happened with this army.

When Tau were first released, the new style intrigued me.  I bought a couple kits and had a go at painting them.  It was fun, but the army didn’t play the way I wanted.  Nothing against how it was designed, it just didn’t fit my play style.  So, the models sat in a box for a couple of years.  Then, one afternoon at a local FLGS, this guy walks in.  He had moved to town with a girlfriend and now they were breaking up.  He was looking at moving back to his hometown and wanted some fast cash.  He didn’t even want all that much for the lot even though there were some fun Forge World models in the set.  After going through the box of half assembled and few painted models, we worked out a deal.

Rushing home to tell my wife what a terrific deal I had made, buyer’s remorse set in.  I still didn’t like playing Tau.  I already had plenty of models at home waiting for paint.  I realized then what I needed to do.  I would combine ALL of the Tau in my collection and paint it in one go.  I would set everything aside and knock out this one army, play a game or three, and then sell the whole thing at one go.  And to make sure I did it, I set a deadline.

Long story short – I did it.  It took almost two weeks longer than I hoped, but I had to get it done so I could go back to the projects I wanted to do.  This is the result.  A languishing dust collector turned into a showcase army.  A force with plenty of extras for tactical flexibility and change of pace.  And finally, a project that paid enough to finance the next expansions of my collection – of things I really wanted.


  1. JR says:

    Now that is just weird. Years ago I bought a Tau army online, eBay I think. Stopped playing it early 5th ed. Put it in a box. Year later the new Tau book comes out, so I pull out my Tau and try them out.

    Randomly, I end up here from the BoLS Lounge looking at your BT Titan. And I come across this cool Tau army. Then I turn and look at my army shelf. And see that same army. That I bought many years ago.

    The world is a very small place at times.

    • Well, I hope that it serves you well. IIRC I had too many scouts and pathfinders for the previous codex.

      • JR says:

        Well….everything works currently, so no worries there. Other than maybe I need more firewarriors. If you don’t mind me asking…the brown and black splotchy camo pattern…you never did this on the suits. Was that an oversight or on purpose?

        If you do commission work, would you be willing to do models to flesh out this army? Or if not, do you remember the colors, etc you used. I ask because some painters keep a journal of their work so…

        • Back then the thinking on the suit pattern was that they were too big to hide on the battlefield. If I was doing it now I would probably camo them just for continuity.

          I do have the color palate for those models. I do take custom orders if you are interested or I can send the list. Drop me an email at sarasotasteve@hotmail.com .

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