Ork Army

So, I really like Bad Moon Orks.  Dey gots da mos teef so dey gots da mos stuff!  Besides, most people say that yellow sux to paint and I am contrary that way.

Anyway, I started this army when the first ‘Ard Boys tournament was announced a few years back.  I was a lot more excited about finally building and painting an Ork army than I was playing an Ork army.  Consequently I made it through local competition and finished 4th in our regional qualifier.  Not bad for only 3 games total before competing.

The army continues to grow.  You will see below some of the Apocalypse units that I have added to the army.  Also, some of the shots are taken on the Ork Fortress that I built for a client stationed in Afghanistan.  I’m going to have to build one of those for myself some time in the future.  It was “Dead ‘Ard”!


For Close ups of some key pieces, check the links below.  Click on thumbnails for larger photos.

Fighta Bomma – Forge World model

Skull Hammer – Baneblade conversion


Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or questions.

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