Daemon Army for J.S. in Florida

This page won’t have all of my Chaos Daemon models.  These will be of a project that I am doing for a client.

This is a really big Chaos force designed to be tactically flexible.  There are enough units to let the player give the army a power-specific feel with only minimal allied minor power players.  I am adding conversions to many of the larger pieces to individualize them.  I’ll add color clues to the rank-and-file models to help provide differentiation between the units.  The entire army will be based for a blasted or cityfight terrain giving it good visual unity.  Finally, I will create some custom objective markers to keep the theme throughout play.  I’ll have pictures of the project underway in theWorks-In-Progress section.  I hope that you will all enjoy it.


JS Tzeentch Changeling character 01 front small



For those of you keeping track, I HAVE finished the Classic 40k Daemon Army for J.S. down here in Florida.  I’ve posted the gallery below.  But, if you haven’t been following along, make sure you check out the in-progress photos for info on some of the theme discussion, planning, and converting. Enjoy!


Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or questions.

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