All Rise! The Necrons Have Returned.

Sometimes your gaming life takes a strange turn.  When the first real Necron Codex was released, a local FLGS had me paint up their preview Battleforce box to showcase the new models.  They were still trying to get the gaming community in the area jump-started so I did the job in exchange for the minis after 90-days of showing.  It was exciting to see how well a fully painted demo set in the store generated new interest in the hobby.  To keep things growing, I kept the army at the store and gradually added more models to it – holding demos on model building, converting, basing, and painting as I went.  Many of those gamers first introduced to the hobby through this army are still around and the friendships built over the paint stand or gaming table are still strong.  A solid “WIN” in my book.

The funny part is that this army keeps coming back.  First sold to the parents of a high school student for a birthday gift, I bought it back when he joined the army and went to Afghanistan.  Later, a new shop opened in a nearby town and they purchased it as a demo set.  The army returned when the shop folded due to the comic book market collapse.  Most recently, a friend bought the army to get a quick re-entry into the hobby after several years hiatus at college.  He wanted a table-ready army to learn the new rules while he began painting the Chaos army he really wanted.  Getting engaged put him in need of cash so once again the Necrons have returned home.

Every time the army has come back, I have fixed it up, improved it, and added more touches to it.  One of these days I’ll probably add some more pieces to take advantage of the new options in the codex.  Meanwhile, the army has found its way back onto its shelf in the display cabinet.  Who knows when or where it will travel again.


Notes:  The army has a lot of small touches.  Many of the Necron warriors and some of the destroyers have been converted to appear as if they are rising from the earth.  Extra scarabs are sprinkled around to add more variety.   The squads have been differentiated with armbands or hull stripes to help keep things orderly on the tabletop.  I left the flying bases unglued so that there is much less chance of a model snapping off the base.  All the bases have been done in a cityfight /urban scheme and then decorated with flock that simulates dead grass.   Also, eyes, lenses, and other pieces have been painted with a glowing effect.

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or questions.

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