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This post is for an old project done back when the Games Workshop Outrider Program was still around (oh were those the days).  Not all of these are finished.  But, I thought you might like to see what we were up to.

Outrider Marines commander with veteran squad 01 small

Outrider Marines commander with veteran squad


As a group, the Outriders had selected a color scheme, iconography, and founding chapter to build upon.  The goal was to get members to put together their own forces during the year and then bring them to Games Day for a massive show of enthusiastic hobby support (and overwhelming force).  Unfortunately, before the year was out, Games Workshop decided to redo the program.  The ensuing chaos quickly led to the demise of not just the Outrider Marine Project but the volunteer game promoter program entirely.

I am glad to say that he friendships forged over the years while travelling the country to roll dice and spread the word are still strong and most of us still look fondly on those halcyon days.  When time, gas money, and real life align, getting together at a convention is cause for celebration, reminiscing, and revisiting of old tabletop rivalries.  I hope that your hobby experience lets you forge new friendships.  Our hobby shouldn’t be just about ticks in the win/loss columns.

Without further pontification, a few bits and bobs from my small selection of “Outrider” Space Marines.



I suppose that  this could and probably has happened in other hobby/gaming communities.  It is just a shock to see something so blatant as a two brothers murdering a fellow Magic: The Gathering player for his card collection.

William Cormier, 31, is accused of beating Dugas to death Aug. 27 at his home in Pensacola.

Dugas’ cards, valued at somewhere between $25,000 and $100,000, ultimately were sold in Pensacola, Georgia and Tennessee, police said.

Dugas’ body was taken to Winder, Ga., where it was found Oct. 8, buried in a plastic container in the backyard of a home. Now held in Georgia, William Cormier and his twin brother, Christopher, will be returned to Pensacola to face charges in the homicide.

I think I’ll stick to painting and playing with my toy soldiers.

Tau Now

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Galleries, Ranting
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So.  I don’t play Tau any more.  I love the look of the army.  When the models were first released, I thought that GW had hit a home run with the aesthetic that they introduced to the 40k universe.  I just wish though that they had been given a codex that was worth playing.

You can check out the story of how I collected, built, and then went really overboard on this army.  I learned a lot of great lessons throughout the project.  I still love the models (especially the Forge World Baracuda).  It will be interesting to see what GW can do for / to the Tau with the advent of 6th edition.


Because I am a junky for all things Forge World, my wonderful wife decided to get me a custom cake for my birthday.  The folks at Cakes by Ron in Sarasota, Florida did a fantastic job getting the Adeptus Mechanicus imagery correct.  But, besides looking great, it tasted fantastic – lemon cake with a raspberry filling.  Birthday dreams do come true.  Thanks babe.

I’ve been working on this Warhound titan so much that I thought it only fair he be there to help me cut the cake.

Did I mention that the cake was delicious?  Mmmmm.

Thanks again to my beautiful wife for the terrific birthday treat.

I Hate Picture Hosting Sites

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Ranting

So, I am starting a blog because free picture hosting sites aggravate me.  They either die off when bandwidth is exceeded – which is when people are actually starting to look at your stuff.  Or, they will only post that last couple hundred photos you’ve uploaded – sucks when you are doing long projects or tutorials for people to refer back to.  Sure, I know that there are premium options for the “pros”.  The options for those wishing to teach and share just aren’t suited to those without deep pockets.  I know that these sites are free and that they need some form of revenue to stay in business.  But, I would have thought that all the annoying advertising would take care of that.  That appears to not be the case so here we are.

Obviously this site is currently under major construction.  I will be migrating years of content over from Photobucket and Flicker as well as numerous message boards that I have posted to over the years.  I’ll try to maintain the chronology of the projects so that they are easy to follow.  This means that you will see posts that predate the actual beginning of this blog.  Don’t worry, it should all come together fairly quickly.

One further note – I hope to use this blog to further promote the custom terrain building, model making, and miniature painting services that I have and will continue to offer.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.  Let’s try to stay constructive and avoid the personal if at all possible.  Exterminatus isn’t just for the heretic.