Biographical stuff.  Awards.  What my mom got me for my birthday.  All the stuff you REALLY want to know.


Steven is a 30 year veteran of the game and hobby industry as well as a life-long comic reader and collector.  He has acted as a consultant for several start-up gaming and hobby businesses in the past decade, many of which continue to operate successfully.  Additionally, Steven worked for an international game manufacturer as both a paid product demonstrator and later as a team leader of the U.S. based North American convention staff for their specialty modeling division. Working in these positions for over 10 years gave him exposure to the manufacturing and marketing sides of the business as well as allowing for the establishment of close personal ties with staff in several of the largest game manufacturing companies in the world.

He has won over half-a-dozen national and international painting and modeling competitions including Games Workshop’s coveted Golden Demon and the Forge World Best in Show.  Steven continues to paint and model for clients as well as provide paid tutoring to students hoping to become competitive painters and gamers themselves.  Sculpting, painting, model making, found-object art, and scenic design are just some of his artistic passions.

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