Quick and Dirty – Old CD’s into Scenic Monster Bases

Posted: January 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

Okay, who here does NOT have a stack of old CD’s laying around?  If you don’t, you are under 20 years old or entirely too tidy.  I have a stack of these tucked into a back drawer to use for basing smaller terrain pieces, hanging outside windows to keep birds from crashing into them, drink coasters, and even for a very dangerous game of catch (seriously, this can hurt you!).  However, probably the best use for these derelict storage media is as scenic bases for larger models.


Many larger models don’t come from the manufacturer with bases and I think that this makes it harder to tie the models visually to the rest of your force.  Good basing gives context to your models and that helps the entire group of figures look like an army.  This is especially important when your force might not have uniforms or insignia or a regimented paint scheme.

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