A few classics to remind us of how far we’ve come – “Dead Lead” – Episode 1

Posted: October 8, 2015 in Galleries
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I found Azael’s Bitz Box after he left some kind remarks in the comment section.  I really enjoyed how he has been going back to some of the classing miniatures of the past and bringing them to like with really quality paint jobs.  This has inspired me to start posting some of my older pieces here as a bit of a palate cleanser.  I’ll occasionally add more as I find or take pictures of some of these “oldies-but-goodies.  I have a tendency to break out some “dead lead” when painting units for other people gets a little tedious or I need some inspiration.  Though I am a decidedly fervent GW collector (I have an example of almost every metal space marine ever sold in my collection), I do have the odd Reaper, Grenadier, RAFM, Ral Partha, Iron Claw and other miniature lurking in the boxes.

So, here is my first installment in this “dead lead” series.

The fist model is a Young Valten (standing) from the GW “Storm of Chaos” event.  then next 2 are converted GW minis that I gave to gaming friends as a wedding gift.  These represented their favorite D&D characters – dwarven berzerker and witch.  The last five were painted to represent the player characters in a local Pathfinder gaming group.  All of these were painted in the early to mid-2000’s.

(BTW, if anyone knows the manufacturer of the last five models, please let me know in the comments.  I think that they are Reaper but I’m not sure.  Thanks.)

valten on foot - frontvalten on foot - rear


dragonslayer1 - frontdragonslayer2 - back

witch1 - front
witch1 - rear


Minitaur Pirate - front - mfg unknownMinitaur Pirate - rear - mfg unknown


Wizard - mfg unknownRogue - front - mfg unknown


Cleric - mfg unknownDruid - front - mfg unknown




  1. Azazel says:

    Very nice work here. I missed out on Valten back in the day. I don’t properly recognise any of the older figures, though the mage with hawk looks familiar, I went to the Reaper site to see if I could find her and came away with three more models in my shopping list!

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