These Bugs Are Elite!

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Work in Progress
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Just a small update from the “feeding edge” of the Anphelion Splinter Hive Fleet.  Today we have a selection of elites, fast attack, and heavies.

The Raveners here are the old school originals.  Also of the old school variety is a pair of Tyrant Guard.

In the newer but still old category are a squad of Tyrant Guard and Hive Guard.  I wanted to avoid that “carbon copy” effect caused by GW making only one body style for a model.  So, I took a body from each version and just swapped out the arms from the other.  However, due to the pose on the hunched over Tyrant Guard body, the support arm for the gun would not reach.  A quick dip into the bits box for a plastic heavy weapon arm provided a nice alternative.

For the last part of this update we have some real heavies.  First is the plastic Mawloc that everyone loves so much.  Still a great model.  Next we have the original Tyranid Tyrgon made by Forge World for the launch of Imperial Armor 4: The Anphelion Project.  The modern plastic kit is based on this fantastic piece but does not do it justice.  The model has so much more detail and character than the plastic kit that I knew instinctively (heh heh) that it would become the Trygon Prime for my fleet.

To see the current state of the Anphelion Splinter Fleet or to get more information on it, please click on over to the project page.

Thanks again for the kind comments and feedback.

  1. Azazel says:

    Those are some great looking bugs. I like the scheme because of it’s naturalistic colour palette.

    • My biggest issue right now is how to do the bases. I have no game space at home and the local store isn’t my scene. Therefore, I don’t have a terrain set to try to match. I have been thinking of going “cityfight” style… grey and rubble with scattered dead grass (tan). It would be a good contrast to the scheme of the bugs. I think if I went with standard woodland style it would just blend into my ‘Nids. What do you think?

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