New Troops For The Swarm

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Work in Progress
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The bane of building any Tyranid force is crunching out the necessary masses of necessary troop models.  Any painter worth their salt really wants to get to the big bugs that not only show off their skills but also form the sharp end of their chittering horde.  I see any number of armies fielded where the generals and lieutenants and other specials are lovingly painted yet find themselves leading a force of primered underlings.  I myself have been guilty of this in the past.  But, to counter this natural impulse, I set painting goals that reward me with the job I really want to do.  If I want to paint a new HQ or heavy, I have to complete a fieldable squad of troops.  For marines that is usually 5, Orks 10, bugs can be 3-6-10 depending on type, and it varies further for other armies.  By doing this, I can ensure that my force grows in number as well as points.  now, because the desired piece and the troops may share the same colors or techniques, I can paint them together.  I just can’t move on to the next “wanted” model until the “needed” ones are done.  Try this out and see your opponents gaze in wonder not only at your few centerpiece models, but the blossoming glory of a growing fully painted army.

Here are the troops I painted to let me move on to some bigger and better bugs.  I will post them later.  Meanwhile, check out the Anphelion Splinter Fleet page or the New Beginning post for more of this growing swarm.


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