The Dark Side Of Magic

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Ranting
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I suppose that  this could and probably has happened in other hobby/gaming communities.  It is just a shock to see something so blatant as a two brothers murdering a fellow Magic: The Gathering player for his card collection.

William Cormier, 31, is accused of beating Dugas to death Aug. 27 at his home in Pensacola.

Dugas’ cards, valued at somewhere between $25,000 and $100,000, ultimately were sold in Pensacola, Georgia and Tennessee, police said.

Dugas’ body was taken to Winder, Ga., where it was found Oct. 8, buried in a plastic container in the backyard of a home. Now held in Georgia, William Cormier and his twin brother, Christopher, will be returned to Pensacola to face charges in the homicide.

I think I’ll stick to painting and playing with my toy soldiers.

  1. Joseph Yerger says:

    This is a tragedy. Sadly I knew the individual murdered, I used to play Heroes Unlimited with him while in college in Pensacola. I used to see him up at TBS Comics there frequently. This is a great tragedy and a blow to all gamers of every stripe.

    • I’m sorry for your loss. This story strikes me as there is an element of envy that sometimes creeps into all of these hobbies. I have had some valuable pieces in my collection over the years but I have never felt that they were worth more than their entertainment value. Strange days.

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