Tau Now

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Galleries, Ranting
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So.  I don’t play Tau any more.  I love the look of the army.  When the models were first released, I thought that GW had hit a home run with the aesthetic that they introduced to the 40k universe.  I just wish though that they had been given a codex that was worth playing.

You can check out the story of how I collected, built, and then went really overboard on this army.  I learned a lot of great lessons throughout the project.  I still love the models (especially the Forge World Baracuda).  It will be interesting to see what GW can do for / to the Tau with the advent of 6th edition.


  1. Styx says:

    Well, the Tau I heard is on the 2013 list to be revised next. Chaos Marines, Dark Angels…then after Tau, Eldar and Marines are in the mix last I heard.

  2. Joseph De Stefano says:

    Awesome work………………………

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