More Progress On The Skaven Exalted Vermin Lord

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Work in Progress
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Lots more progress pics to show on Major Mouse – the Skaven Exalted Vermin Lord for LM.  Check the previous posts here and here for more info.


After all of the prep and basing work, painting really begins.  Using a really big dry brush, I built up a couple of layers of gradually lightening flesh tones.  To get a smooth transition, I take the base color and add more and more of what will be the final highlight color into the mix.  I went lighter on the extremities and head than on the body.  The tail get’s an even lighter gradient.

Once I am satisfied with the flesh tones, I put down the base colors for other areas – warpstone, wraps, staff, ruins, other rats.  I tend to paint from the inside out, from dark to light.  This allows me to quickly get the base colors and biggest areas done quickly.  The smaller, more detailed areas are picked out later as I take my time.  This also facilitates cleanup of overbrushing from earlier stages.  Any slop disappears under the paint on things I had not worked on yet.  This drastically cuts down on the amount of tidying up required for the finished piece.

In a slight departure from my usual process, I had not detailed the base of this piece before priming.  Truthfully, the client hadn’t given me much guidance and no extras for detailing so I was kind of up in the air.  I decided to wait until the work had progressed a bit and see what seemed to fit.  What I decided on was a vaguely desert / wasteland color for the basing.  Also, I didn’t want the stone arch to look completely out of context, so I added more rubble.  Blue foam slivers, gravel, and sand would add texture to keep the base from looking like a painted piece of plywood. I painted this basing material with a couple different shades of brown and mustard to add depth before moving on the drybrushed topcoat.  The chunks of rubble and stone were painted to the same degree as the stone arch and will get their highlighting and detailing when it does.

Meanwhile, I have started highlighting the horns, staff, wraps, and warstone chunks.  Also, the flesh surrounding the warpstone is being glazed in layers of green for a directional lighting effect.  i want it to look as if those warpstone chunks piercing the flesh are actually glowing with power  To achieve this effect, the pieces are receiving more extreme highlights than I use on most things.  That technique plus a coat of high gloss at the end of painting will really make these stand out.

Painting the rats on the base is a little tedious but worth some effort.  I used six or seven shades of browns and greys to color the bodies.  I then used the same medium flesh tone that I used on the Vermin Lord for their faces and skin.  Washing all of these little guys with a dirty brown wash (Devlin Mud) added shading and brought out detail as well as toning down any overbright spots.  I want these little guys to tie in well with the big rat, not distract from him.

Work to come will include the loincloth, eyes, stonework, piercings, icons, staff, blades, and final detailing of the base.  This is the home stretch.  Stay tuned.


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