Da Boyz In Da Hood

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Galleries
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Early last year I built a whole lot of Ork terrain for Warhammer 40k.  I had built years before a few ramshackle pieces for friends, but I had never made a table set.  Since I had started building an Ork army, I thought it might just be time to try out some new tools (new to me) and see what i could come up with.  What happened next is what usually happens with Orks – dey gets all outta kontrol!

The first set went well, but felt a bit generic.  So it went up on Ebay while I decided what to try next.  The second set was a tryout for more designs, but also for adding some theme to the pieces.  Set done – off to Ebay it goes.  The third set was a real winner I thought.  Flexible designs, good theme, cohesive look (as cohesive as Orks get), and had some cool details scattered about.  I figured that this would be the last set I’d do.  WRONG!

As I had been posting the work-in-progress photos up on the terrain forum at Warseer, I was getting a lot of questions on technique and materials.  One of the posters there turned out to be a U.S. Army artilleryman stationed in Afghanistan.  We got to chatting and he decided to commission an entire Ork Fortress in the style I had worked out.  Four towers, three wall sections, a gatehouse, and three pieces of battlefield dressing were now on the drawing board.  I took about 7 weeks to work out the details, build, and paint the beast.  If you havent looked at the photos of Fort Ork, take a few minutes and check it out.

Anyway, after that big build project, I was definitely done building Ork terrain for a while… or so I thought.  I made the mistake of travelling to an out-of-town 40k tournament and bringing the village with me.  The host shop was new and had asked if folks could bring terrain in to help flesh out the tables for the tournament.  When the owner saw the set, he decided that he wanted it.  I drove home with a lot more space in my van than I started with.

Needless to say, my Orks needed a new home to fight for.  Keep an eye out for more adventures in building for da Boyz in the near future.  Meanwhile, check out that craziness:

Ork Village 1

Ork Village 2

Ork Village 3


  1. Joseph De Stefano says:

    Wicked pics……..the village must be outlandish in person…….once again my friend you win a gold……..

  2. Reblogged this on SuperAngryFish and commented:
    This is some awesome terrain

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