Marching On: Progress on the Skaven Exalted Vermin Lord

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Work in Progress
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Here is a quick update on the Skaven Exalted Vermin Lord for Lucas M.  FYI, this is the new Forge World model.


Once the parts are clean and dry, you can start construction.  As with most models, starting with a good foundation is a really good idea.  With as “tippy” as this model can be, attaching the main piece very close to the rear of the base only makes sense.  However, instead of having the model oriented straight on, I opted to angle the body so that the head is looking forward.  The position of the head is turned over one shoulder as if the creature was shifting its attention from the freshly killed corpse at its feet to the next victim in line.  By angling the model this way, the motion just seems more aggressive and natural.  Basing material that I’ll add later should enhance the effect.

I’m pinning all of the major parts of this model as well as pinning it through the base.  These pins are just a little reinforcement against rough handling.  the pieces aren’t heavy enough to require structural pins.  For this reason, I just used a pin vice instead of breaking out my Dremel moto tool.

Despite careful trimming, there are still some significant gaps where the arms attach.  A couple of thin applications of GW’s new liquid Green Stuff is the perfect fix.  The brush on material allows for very organic blending of the repair sites.  Just remember to not leave the bottle open for extended periods.  Your Green Stuff will become very thick and hard to spread if you do.

Now that the prep work is done. a quick, even coat of primer gets the model ready for painting.  i use a “red” primer that is very close to the old Dark Flesh paint that GW had.  It is great for models that will primarily be painted in warm earth tones or red.  Because primer doesn’t always coat evenly, I always apply a wash of the base color – ensuring that all of the under areas missed by the spray are covered.  After this, a dar wash i applied to get the details to pop out.  It is amazing how much more detail you see after this step.

Next time I post on this, there should be quite a bit of painting done.  I have less than a week left to get this finished.

Feel free to post comments or questions above.  Check out this link for the earlier work on this piece.


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