Dice Tower Doodad

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Galleries
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This is from a couple of years ago, but I thought I would share.


Some people say it seems cheap, but I like to make the Christmas and birthday presents I give.  Once I even converted and sculpted custom game miniatures as wedding gifts for a D&D playing couple.  Gift cards just aren’t my style.

So, to celebrate our local FLGS moving into new digs that are twice the previous size, I wanted to give the owner a little something to thank him for giving us gamers a better place to play.  He doesn’t play all that much himself and he doesn’t paint his own pieces.  There must be a dozen folks that have either assembled or painted his undivided Chaos Space Marine force over time.  However, he isn’t afraid to pick up some dice to fill in when a tournament has an odd number of players.

Here is the custom, Chaos-themed dice tower I made for him.


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