Happy Birthday To Me

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Ranting
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Because I am a junky for all things Forge World, my wonderful wife decided to get me a custom cake for my birthday.  The folks at Cakes by Ron in Sarasota, Florida did a fantastic job getting the Adeptus Mechanicus imagery correct.  But, besides looking great, it tasted fantastic – lemon cake with a raspberry filling.  Birthday dreams do come true.  Thanks babe.

I’ve been working on this Warhound titan so much that I thought it only fair he be there to help me cut the cake.

Did I mention that the cake was delicious?  Mmmmm.

Thanks again to my beautiful wife for the terrific birthday treat.

  1. Joseph De Stefano says:

    Had a great time……The cake was awesome………Happy Birthday once again…..

  2. […]  For those of you that never saw it.  Here is the Adeptus Mechanicus cake that my beautiful wife got me for my birthday a few years […]

  3. Joe says:

    She’s a keeper.

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